Changing a youth’s world

What is a life worth? Is it worth your time, energy, creativity, love?

Changing a youth’s life takes all that and more but the outcome is worth every effort. Youth are incredible. They can love anyone, forgive anyone, have hope and faith that would put me to shame and given the chance be God’s true reflection. They just believe, something I know I wish I could do. You can really see a “child like faith” in a youth. And i said child like not childish. What if we did that? What if we started to love anyone, forgive anyone, hope beyond hope and have faith that all the stuff we tell youth is actually true and that when we say “Just pray about it” we mean it ’cause we have faith that our God can actually do something. Maybe we’d see the world actually change and maybe it would be our youth who are the ones to do it. Yeah it’s clichéd, but when was the last time you tried it and it didn’t work?

Like it, hate it, know better, let me know.

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~ by Philip on July 22, 2008.

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