I got myself thinking yesterday. I was thinking what does it mean to be actual? What does it mean to be real and how do we do that with our youth? I think it means not hiding ourselves. Not hiding our hurts, fears, hopes, dreams, joys. I’m not saying lets share our deepest secrets and things that are to heavy for youth but I am saying we can’t just hide ourselves. We don’t have to be the strong all knowing youth leader. We can not know the answer and we can have real feelings. Youth know if we are being real and thats what they response to. They don’t care if your cool or trendy or a big nerd, what they want is to have someone be honest with them. They want to meet someone who isn’t trying to sell them a products but who is just as real as they are scared to be because they know if they are they will be judged. I think that if we start to be open, honest and real with youth and don’t judge them but accept them where they are at then they will learn that this is the way to live and the way to start truly showing God through our lives.

like it, hate it, know better, let me know.

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~ by Philip on July 23, 2008.

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