the “fast” way

Do you fast? Do you fast often? I’m hoping to fast more. I used to try and fast a lot but have gotten away from doing so. I started to think today though what if we fast for our youth? I’ve been in groups where they have special times of pray before big events hoping lots of people will come (as if numbers make something successful) and that they all have fun. I’m not saying wanted a lot of youth to come and hear about God and have fun is bad, but why only that night? Why not gather every night and pray for the event, small or large. Why not fast every time you have a youth event and break it as a community of leaders in the hope of truly seeing God’s spirit move in what ever you do that night. In Mark the disciples can’t cast out a demon and but Jesus does. When they ask he says “This kind can be cast out only by prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29). That must mean that Jesus was always praying and always fasting so he could be prepared for the spirits leading. Like I’ve said before youth want something that is real. Imagine if every time they came they meet God in a real way because we put in the time and effort to invite God and gave of ourselves to make sure you were prepared to let the spirit lead you where it may.

I don’t think we trust God enough in ministry some times. We plan and plan and plan in the hopes that if we plan an amazing, large, exciting event youth will come to and then when they get there we can do something with them. Perhapses our time is better spent praying that they come and meet God in a real way and we cover that prayer and show our dedication by giving of ourselves and fasting for that event, even if that event is just playing board games. If youth are meeting with God in a real way they will keep coming and they will bring their friends. Isn’t that why we do the big even in the first place?

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~ by Philip on July 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “the “fast” way”

  1. Great thought – what if the focus moved from the event, the moment, the plan – to the God behind the plan. What if the focus moved away from the prayer to the God who can answer the prayer – then…then you might be on to something…or phrased more correctly…someone..

  2. exactly the idea is to stop worrying so much about if the event will draw kids to have I prepared a way for God to be here. Because without God there what are we doing…

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