How was your day?

How often do you get asked, “how are you,” “how was your day?” Almost every time you pass someone you know it happens. Do you ever really listen or more importantly do you ever really ask? Do you ask in a way that the person feels it’s ok to tell you how they feel and how their day has been going? It’s easy for us to go to youth and say “Hey buddy, what’s up?” And 9 times our of 10 they’ll say “nothing.” But what if we really asked and expected a real response. What if was said “no seriously how was your week, good, bad, what?” This gets to what I wrote about yesterday and really knowing your youth ( Know it all ). If we take the time to ask and then truly listen to what they have to say and how their weeks have gone what a great message to start sending. One that says your life is important and I care about you and what is going on even if it’s little. It says I’m going to love you like God loves you.


~ by Philip on July 29, 2008.

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