Time to say hello

I’ve been writing a lot about caring. Different ways to show you care and the need to truly and honestly care about your youth. This is because what so many youth crave is to be accepted for who they are. I was recently talking with some youth about what it’s like to be a youth these days. The themes are the same but the means are different. Now we have Facebook and texting and so many ways to be connected. But even with all that connection lots of kids feel lost. Lost in a sea of teens. Just one of many who can come and go and no one will notice. Here’s were we can step in a care (see there it is again, kinda like I’m making a point about our need to focus on the youth and the not the game or activity that we think brought them out). We need to be the first and last one to notice them. We need to be the one who makes sure they don’t get to our program and stand around for 10 minutes until someone says “Hey who’s that new kid?” or “Oh hey how long have you been here, I didn’t even notice you?”

So here’s what you do. Step 1: Say Hi to every youth who comes in. Even if your busy and can only say “Hey, I’m super busy getting stuff ready but I’m glad you made it out tonight!” Do not ask how they are doing unless you plan to actually listen and take the time (How was your day?).

Step 2: Say good-bye to everyone as they leave. Wow ground breaking I know. But I’m so serious that this will be noticed by the youth. Why? Because they spend so much of their time wishing they were noticed that if you actually do notice and show that you care that they are there by noticing when they are and are not there they will remember.

A little while ago my older brother (he’s in charge of our youth group and does and amazing job) thought he would encourage all his youth leaders. So he went to the youth and asked them what they like/appreciate about each of the leaders and then in a very touching meeting he shared it with each of us. Some of them were deep like “I come out because your here” others not so much, “Your Halo skills are sweet,” but all were touching. And you’ll never guess what one of the youth said they appreciate,

“Always saying bye to everyone”

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~ by Philip on July 31, 2008.

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