Pass it on

I mention in Time to say hello that the youth leader at the church where I serve (I don’t volunteer I serve. I’m a servant and as such give freely of myself and don’t hold to rights and such where I think I deserve or am owed anything. I’m a servant a just give kinda like Jesus told us to) got all the youth to write down what they liked about all the youth leaders. This was an amazing blessing to me and all the other youth leaders. Why not bless your youth leaders. Don’t tell them your doing it but surprise them with this truly heartfelt blessing.


If you are the youth leader do it for your youth pastor. Again, don’ tell them it’s going on but surprise and uplift them for all the work they do that can often go unnoticed. Give it a try and pass on some blessings.

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~ by Philip on August 6, 2008.

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