A servant not a volunteer

Lets say you had no rights. I know weird but walk with me for a minute. Lets just say you had no rights. What would that mean if you worked with youth? Well it would mean a lot actually. It would mean you couldn’t say no. It would mean you would have to give when you didn’t want to. It would make you a servant basically. In the end isn’t that what we are called to do. God calls us to be servants and I think to often our notion of our rights taints our ability to serve. We feel that we have some right to chose what we do and don’t do. We have this strange idea that we can chose what and how much we give. Technically you do have that choice. You could not give but thats not really being a servant then is it? Jesus gave up everything (read all his rights) to save us. He didn’t decide He was to tired or that some youth was really bothering Him so He wouldn’t give. He gave it all because He was a servant. That is our example. We need to stop clinging to some sort of inflated sense of self worth that we have these rights that God himself gave up. If you truly want serve you must first give up the rights you think you deserve. Jesus did.

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~ by Philip on August 12, 2008.

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