What is freedom or rather what does it mean to be free? I’ve been thinking about what makes a person free. It kinda came to me that a free person must act differently than a person who is not free, so what is that action? What is the ultimate free action? After pondering and trying out ideas that in the end didn’t work I’ve come to something that I knew but didn’t expect. The ultimate free action is service. Weird I know but I’ll walk you through my process but I think that for someone to truly be free they must be a servant. Giving up their rights, their pride, their everything to truly be free. Here are my thoughts.

We are all bound to something
A free person is bound to nothing
How does one show they are bound to nothing
To chose to whole bind themselves to something

The actions of a truly free person is service because only a free person can chose to serve. The freedom comes in the choice. Only a free person can chose. I think only a truly free person can chose to give up everything. I can’t give up everything to serve because I feel I have obligations and my pride won’t let me. I have options and freedom but I’m not truly free yet. For me to serve someone with my entire being I’d have to give up everything I had and be tied to nothing. But this has to be a choice.

So let me know what you think but it seams to me that to truly be free you must serve. So the more you serve the closer you are to being free. Serving God gives us freedom, crazy…

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~ by Philip on August 13, 2008.

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