Hey I can do that

How do you organize your group? Who does what on your leadership team? Maybe your all a lot smarter than we were but we used to have everyone do everything. If you planned the night you explained it. Made sense to us. If you plan the event you get the supplies. Basically if it’s your night you do it all. It seamed good. You knew what needed to be done and understood it all better than the other members of the leadership team. Then we started to think “why do we make “Mike” talk and explain a game when “Jill” is way better at doing that?” We found that some people are better at getting people excited and energized. We also found that some people are far more organized than others, novel I know.

What I’m saying is God has gifted everyone so differently that to not let people use their gifts seams wrong. If when you speak youth listen and get excited you should explain the game or lead the event. Don’t put a shy person up there because they are the one who planned it. Let the shy organized person be a part of the back stage organizing. It just makes sense and you’ll find your entire team more energized if they get to do what they are good at rather than trying to be someone they aren’t. Use your gifts don’t work against them.

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~ by Philip on August 21, 2008.

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