What are we?

I was talking with someone today about politics and religion. We talked about all different aspects of it. General leanings and the tie between politics and religion. Lots of people make a big connection between the two, “oh your a conservative you must a hard line religious person then too.” Then i started to ponder. What makes us what we are? Seams like it should be a simple question but we make it so difficult. We make it about so many things, politics being one, that are good but not the point. We are to display God’s amazing love, grace and forgiveness. We are suppose to care for the poor, the widowed and the forgotten. Is this what we teach?

Or do we teach that God created the earth in 7 actual regular days and that gays are bad?

I’m not going to share my opinion on those because it’s just that, an opinion. There is however something that is not an opinion but a command and a call from God on your life. Love, forgive, show grace to all. Care for the poor, the widowed, the forgotten and the oppressed in any sense of the words. Just because they have money doesn’t mean they can’t be poor. Everyone is broken and damaged and oppressed in some way. So love, fogive and show grace always with no excuses. Teach your youth to do the same.

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~ by Philip on August 26, 2008.

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