It’s just not me

What is the purpose of worship? It’s to glorify God and show our love for Him. There are so many ways to worship God. The way you live should be worship to God, your art, your words, your being. But I’ve noticed a lot of people complain about worship, especially when it comes to music. They say things like “it’s to slow” or “it’s not my type of music.” Now I do agree some people are better at leading and everyone does have music they connect with better. My concern is that the focus of this seams wrong. Seams to be a focus on the worshiper not the one you are worshiping. If the point is to glorify God how you feel while it’s going on or rather when you leave is all the sudden not that important is it? It’s not wrong to want to encounter and feel God i just worry that we teach to many youth that worship is all about how you feel.  That you have to feel God and that for worship to be good it means you have to feel something. The problem again is the focus. We should teach youth to focus on God in worship and what they can give of themselves to Him and not look for some kind of spiritual high. Feeling God is great but walking out saying “that sucked” because you didn’t feel God is just not the point. Lets try and make sure our youth know better.

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~ by Philip on September 2, 2008.

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