Jesus on Facebook

I’ve been pondering a way to better meet youth where they are at and use the technology and mediums that they already use. Youth spend so much time using the internet, it’s  a place we need to start to allow the grow in their faith. Here are a few really simple ways to meet youth in some of their favourite spaces.

  • Start a Facebook bible study – make a group where every week you post a new discussion topic for them to discus for the week. Maybe it’s about a new verse or a book of the bible they read ever week. Or maybe it’s about some big news topic and it is about how we should react. Anything to get them thinking about God in their every day life
  • Youtube bible study – same as above but instead post a video where you ask the questions and encourage discussion below
  • MSN prayer meeting – set a time where you can bring everyone into one big conversation and people and type prayers for each other
  • Write something encouraging about your youth on their wall
  • Tell them your praying for them or ask them what you can pray for in email or Facebook private messages
  • Text a prayer to your youth
  • Get your youth to start encouraging their friends on their friends wall and being passing along God’s love

There are so many cool ways to connect now and most youth love to use them. Meet them where they are and make sure to bring God with you.

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~ by Philip on September 15, 2008.

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