To much love

Seth Godin talked in a recent blog about how much would you pay for nice. You’ll soon notice that I really like Seth. I don’t know where he stands on God but his ideas are often brilliant. He knows marketing and to know marketing you need to know people, he knows people. So, although he writes about how to sell something there is a lot we can take from it and learn about how to share God.

In this recent post he talked about how much people are willing to pay to be treated nice. If people are paying for nice how much do you think people are willing to pay to be loved? That should be our staple as people who represent God. We should be so overwhelmingly nice and loving that people don’t know what to do. Our love should be so real, so obvious, so subversive to the current culture of pain and so overwhelming that it is impossible to ignore it. Imagine what our groups would do for our communities if we were known as people who loved everyone who comes in so passionately that you can’t help but be changed, and we don’t even charge for it. If we did that someone must want it.


~ by Philip on September 24, 2008.

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