Text fest

Often my wonderful wife will text me small things like “i love you” and “your the best” or “can’t wait to see you when you get home.” Small little encouragements that really make my day. They always come when I need them most and to know that she is thinking about me means a lot. So as I expand on the list in Jesus on Facebook I think we can use texting in a really cool way. How great would it be if every week each youth leader picked a different youth that they commit to texting encouragement to all week. Thins like “God bless you,” “praying for you,” or “you mean a lot to me.” Texts that show that we love them and that we want to bless them. You could even ask them before if they have any pray requests and text them a full prayer. How cool would it be if you were that youth worrying about your sick parent and you get a text saying “God, please be with James’ parent. Bless and protect them.” This is such a simple way to show Gods love all week long.


~ by Philip on September 25, 2008.

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