Nothing to say

I was sitting at my computer trying to think of what I could write today that would be useful to you. Does that every happen to you when your working with youth but feel you have nothing of value to share? I know it does to me. A youth will come and say “my parents are splitting up.” What on earth do I say to something like that? I think we worry about what to say to much. If God is in control, which He is, then if we need to say something He would tell us what to say. Thats so freeing. We can sit in silence and just listen and be ok with that. If there was something to say God would tell us. I remember talking with my brother about our father, he has terminal cancer, and he said “even if God told you why would that be enough? Would it make it better and take away all your feeling?” God had said this to him and I thought, no it wouldn’t. Knowing wouldn’t make it better because in the end he’s still dieing and I’m still hurting. Maybe we just need to be and trust that God is in the silence and that even if we don’t’ knwo what to say it’s ok because sometimes there is nothing to say.


~ by Philip on September 30, 2008.

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