Say what?

How do you get ideas across to your youth? Do you stand in front of them and talk at them or maybe you stand in front and talk to them? Maybe you give them hand out and let them read or perhapses you get up and ask them all kinds of questions so they start to think?

I spend a lot of time in training for work. I do a few days a month in just training. Those are long days. I can’t stay focused for that long. If I as a professional and an adult can’t keep focused for long periods of time while someone stands and talks to me why do we expect our youth to? Moreover if our goal, and I think it should be, is to build relationships with our youth how does standing up and making them listen to a to you talk at them for an hour help?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up and talk in front of your youth. Ok maybe I am a little. We are relational beings. We crave interaction and relationships. Make this an opportunity to build a relationship and meet their very real needs for interaction. Make this an opportunity to meet the youth where they are at. If you feel you need to stand and speak in front of your youth then keep it short. You should be able to say all you need to in 10 minutes, 15 is the absolute maximum. Share a cool experience or challenge them, then break down into small manageable groups where you can really connect with each other. Have them talk about what you shared and how this impacts them. DO NOT just talk at them and then leave it at that. Its not school its discipleship.

The last thing this does is it lets you meet the youth where they are at. New kid who hates God, perfect you can meet them at that place if you are in a small group. Youth who’s been there forever and is burned out, perfect you can be them where they are at too. It lets you build real relationship and have every youth get something real out of the discussion.

Like it, hate it, know better? Let me know.


~ by Philip on October 7, 2008.

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