the old way

I was talking with my brother on our way to a mens retreat this past weekend. It was a long car ride which lead to a long talk. We were chatting about the ministry and how so many youth pastors are the same. We joked that 90% of them all look the same, jeans, hoddy/t-shirt, goatee, glasses.

We continued this line and came to such a sad place. So many youth pastors do the same thing in their ministry. Lets play some silly game, we’ll do worship, then I’ll share a long sermon.

Jesus was revolutionary in everything He did and all we do is the same thing we’ve always done. Were in that do we meet the needs of the youth and where in that do they encounter God in a such an undeniable way that they will be changed forever.

I remember one night we were doing some worship and i saw the 2 new girls at our group sitting at the back. They look so out of place, almost afraid. I went and sat with them and they turned to me and said “wow they really take all this singing serious eh?” I’d never even thought of it because for me it was all I had known. They didn’t even know what worship was and even though some many people were so engaged with God they didn’t see it. They didn’t see God at all or feel God or encounter Him in any way. All they were was left out to sit at the back with some old youth sponsor.

We need to change. We need to grow. We need to be revolutionary, subversive, we need to be somethign no one has seen or experience before because that’s who Jesus is and we should be reflecting him. What we always done is just not good enough. We may have numbers but do we had disciples, do we have youth who are so passionate for God they can’t contain it? And if we do it that because of or in spite of us? Do we bring in the lost and do they find acceptance with us or do they just leave feeling lost? Do we just poach youth from other groups or are we spreading and sharing God’s revolutionary love in such an amazing way that we can’t keep the people from coming. Jesus couldn’t keep them from coming so if we are sharing what He had we shouldn’t either.

what do you think?


~ by Philip on October 8, 2008.

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