More than words

I’ve been working on a youth forum for my job. We are hoping to bring a few hundred youth together to talk about the major issues they face day to day and how they think they should fix them. Two that never cease to amaze me are poverty and homelessness. I work in a small city so we don’t have people actually on the street as we walk to get out over priced coffee.

I was thinking, if the youth I work with know kids who are in poverty and homeless then the youth I volunteer with do to. We need to do something to help those in our own communities who are often invisible. Teens couch serf for months and never show up as homeless but they are. Teens come to our events hungry because their family has not money to buy dinner.

This is an opportunity for us to bless someone who needs it. Money is tight for everyone but I eat three meals a day. I need to give more. I need to give a lot more. Maybe your like me and are always thinking of how to impact the youth we see week by week. This is one way. Giving to food banks and shelters helps youth, so I’m going to try.

My pastor once said “never miss an opportunity to be generous.” Youth need us even if we don’t see it. Give to your food bank, your shelter and your church (they should be helping the poor and if they aren’t start it). Here is our chance to really make a life changing impact.

Special thanks to Jon Swason for writing about why and how to help people in poverty. Timely for me and my work this week.


~ by Philip on October 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “More than words”

  1. I was going to suggest fasting, but then I thought, not the regular kind. Look in Isaiah where God talks about the kind of fasting He wants is sharing meals WITH people who need food. It would make a powerful image for the kids.

    I love the idea of including these issues in that kind of forum. In addition to the youth issues of identity and belonging, to include world-changing and matthew 25ing is wonderful.


  2. I agree. We need to do more and more. Also, I’d give it to your pastor — a smart man. We shouldn’t ignore those who live in poverty, we should assist them by giving tools to better survive in their lives.

  3. I love your idea on fasting Jon. Giving means so much more than just our money. Thank you for bringing that to light in such a great way. I will make sure to try this new to me but obviously old type of fasting.

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