Yesterday i wrote asking if your activities were outward focused or inward focused. I left you with the thought that maybe you need more than one ministry and so today comes the first of the two ministries you need to make your group a place that not only builds up and grows people with a heart after Christ but is a place that is a beacon for Him in the community.

Today, looking outward into the community. Here are 5 don’ts and 5 do’s to consider/steps to making you more outward focused.


1. don’t have worship
2. don’t have a devotion time
3. don’t be afraid to be different
4. don’t do what you’ve always done
5. don’t be shy about who you are and what you believe


1. do be open about why you are there and what you are doing
2. do be vulnerable, love unconditionally everyone who comes through your door
3. do ask community youth what they want to see
4. do meet in small groups
5. do be open to God working in strange and exciting ways every week
*bonus* 6. do expect God to be there and working through you

got any more ideas? confused on some of these? let me know I’d love to hear what you have


~ by Philip on October 21, 2008.

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