Today we look at how to build and grow the youth in your group now, we look inward. This is where you start to disciple your youth. This is where we give them chances to challenge their faith, ask the hard questions, and in the end hopefully grow to have a deeper love and more full understanding of who God is and how to serve Him in the best way we can.

Again here are 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts when it comes to building a discipleship group.


1. don’t expect this to be easy
2. don’t let the youth leave without being challenged every time
3. don’t accept easy answers, rather, don’t ask easy questions
4. don’t expect big numbers or sustained big numbers. Introspection and growth is hard and lots won’t be able to do it
5. don’t start something your not ready to do. If your not ready to be challenged and look at your own beliefs then don’t start this until you are


1. do ask for a commitment
2. do this at a different time then your outward focused activities
3. do allow them to make their own choices and decisions even if you don’t agree
4. do prepare for this with prayer and fasting
5. do agree that this is the way you want to grow your youth. If this is not your heart or your heart is not in this it won’t work. Do it because you believe this is a way to better your community and the people you serve.

there are my dos and don’ts for inward focused activities. Let me know your thoughts.


~ by Philip on October 22, 2008.

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