The spirit moves

We are all talented. Talented in different ways for different purposes. God gives us these talents one might even call them gifts, see where I’m headed?

If all of us adults have gifts I’ll say it’s a small step to say so do all your youth. Do you help them to grow in their gifts? Do they even know they have gifts or what the spiritual gifts are?

If your looking for a new move of the spirit in your group, and who isn’t, then some teaching on the spirit might be a good place to start. Do the spiritual gift test or even better teach from the bible on the gifts. Use your gifts and when you do tell your youth that this is a gift that God has blessed you with. Not to be proud but so they start to understand what they are and how they are used. This is probably best done in your inward ministry.

Be open, show your gifts and help make your youth aware of theirs. Then give them a safe place to begin to use their gifts for the first time because it can be hard, even scary. Be humble, be loving and at all times give the glory to God and watch the spirit move.


~ by Philip on October 28, 2008.

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