Learning how the spirit moves

I wrote yesterday, admittedly with a lot of assumptions and presumed far to many and things, about spiritual gifts. I feel like I may have left some of you feeling alone or out-of-touch because you don’t know a lot or anything about this. To start I’d like to apologize. Thinking only of my own experiences spiritual gifts are an integral part of our church and my family. This may not have been the case for you so I’m sorry I should have started at the beginning.

I’m learning more and more how bless I am to have a father like I do. My father lives with such a passion for God that it’s undeniable that the spirit lives in him. He was the one who taught me about my gifts and helped me to better use them when they were ‘raw’ and I didn’t really understand them. My dad was great at directing me to use my gifts in a Godly way. I was young and given these amazing gifts and I was all over. Moreover when I would use my gifts I’d do it often from a place of pride in what I had and had been given. My dad taught me to be humble and to make sure God has the glory and not me. You may not have had the blessing that I did, a mentor to teach me, so I’ll take a step back and not assume.

God has blessed us all in so many ways. One of the ways He has blessed us is by giving us His spirit. With the spirit come gifts. These gifts are ways that we can better minister to our family, our church, our community etc. There are a wide variety of gifts that are given to each of us. We won’t have them all but we all have some. These gifts are given specifically to you for your ministry.

There are a LOT of gifts and a lot of ways to learn what gifts God has given you. You can start here, but read as much as you can on this to get a better understanding. Also talk to your pastor or elder.

My hope is that this will empower you. Empower you to serve and minister and bless everyone you come in contact with.

Remember, the spirit moves.


~ by Philip on October 29, 2008.

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