a better leader

My work asks me to do a lot of training. Well they don’t really ask but either way I do a lot of training. They feel that if they invest in me I will be a better worker and I’d agree. Do you invest in yourself? I admittedly don’t make the most of all my training opportunities. I’m tired, uninterested, to arrogant to think I need it, to bored to pay attention and any number of reasons I make up as to why I don’t pull every ounce of knowledge from each of these.

I’m trying to get better at seeing the opportunities I’ve been given and then making the most of them. not just that, but now I’m actively seeking more knowledge in the areas that I need to grow and the areas I’m really good at so that I can maybe one day be the best. What are you good at, where can you grow?

God can work in our weakness and we can then do things that we have absolutely no business doing but that is not an excuses. God has given you a mind and talents that you need to use and foster.

I like public speaking and I’m good at it. I do a lot of it for work and my as I’m here longer and longer my schedule is becoming more and more full. That being the case I’ve set out to find the best information I can on how to make my presentations better. I’ve found information on how to create a better PowerPoint presentation and on how to say things in a way that people don’t expect so its always interesting and engaging. I do this to get better even though I’m already good at it.

What are you good at, where do you need to grow? are you working at it or just hoping for the best. Are you just assuming that you will always be good at it, whatever it is, or are you exercising your skills so you will always be good at it? are you simply lounging in a chair hoping that you will be given some skills you’ve put no time into developing or are you actively trying to better yourself so you can be the best leader possible?


~ by Philip on October 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “a better leader”

  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Thanks Allen, I hope that I can continue to be of interest. I’d also encourage you to look back at some of my old posts. There are few good ones back there.

  3. You may want to change your link to the “How to Say Nothing in 500 or Less” article, the original article is no longer at that location this post says it is. This is a common problem we find in SEO, and I recently wrote about it on our blog, which you may find interesting, and also includes an updated link to this great article.

    Portland Search Engine Marketing Blog

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