where are you running?

I hate running. I really hate running. I work really hard not to be a person who hates but loves, but I seriously hate running. I try to go a least 3 times a week.

Obviously I don’t do it for fun or because I like it, I do for the side benefits. I do it as a way to better myself. I put on some weight when I started working at a desk and have never really lost it. For years I’ve been trying to lose weight but never really done anything about it. I’d diet for a while then when it got hard or I’d be asked to go out for dinner I’d stop dieting. I’d make excuses and reasons why it’s ok for me to stop but in the end I just didn’t want to and I stopped.

Now I run. I hate running but I keep doing it. I’ve made a decision to lose the weight and I keep running. I run in the rain, I run when it’s cold. It gets hard but I keep doing it because I think it’s important to me and i want to grow and stretch myself in a new way. I hate it, it’s hard and more often then not it is the absolute last thing I want to do.

God asks a lot of us to do things that are hard. Moreover God often asks us to do something and then once you’ve started ask you to take it a step further, to give more, to step out more, to do something that will make you uncomfortable. It gets hard.

So where is God asking you to run? Where have you failed so many times because it gets hard and you give up? Where have you been running until it got cold and rainy and said ‘I’m out’?

Where does God want you to run?


~ by Philip on October 31, 2008.

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