next step

untitled-21Where is your next step? What have you been doing that needs one more step to become great? What have you never started that you promised yourself you would?

It can be hard to move forward. Staying where you are is comfortable even if it’s uncomfortable. The known is easy even if the unknown could be far better at least if you stay where you are you know what’s coming. I wrote about being a better leader and trying to grow yourself. Grow in your strengths and your weaknesses.

What is the next step in your growth? There are so many places and ways we can begin to grow and change. Maybe your next step is finally admitting that you’re not good at something or better still is it admitting that you are good at something. Instead of always saying ‘yeah I guess I’m ok at that’ to saying ‘yes I can do that’. Make it a point to grow every day. Take a step towards growth every day.

The next step is you taking ownership over your growth. You can’t just assume others will grow you and you can just wait for it to happen.

Take some time today and evaluate where you’re at in life. How is your relationship with your family, with God? Are you happy where you are at work or in other aspects of your life? Take a moment and stop. Then see where you want to go or even better where does God want you to go? What are your next steps in your family walk, your walk with God, your work?

How did you better yourself today?

*side note Jon Swanson has a really cool series of posts on the next sentence. It talks about what you say next. Maybe your next step is your next sentence. Check it out here*


~ by Philip on November 5, 2008.

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