Hurry up and wait


Why is it so hard to just rest? If asked most people I think would say it’s a good thing to do. Take care of your body and your mind, it’s important to take time for yourself but yet so few of us do it. I have a few thoughts

First, I think we worry about disappointing. We worry that if we don’t get all our work done, even though we have too much to do, then we will disappoint our boss. We worry that if we don’t make the time for all the people in our lives they will feel like we don’t value them. And we worry about disappointing God. If we are sitting we could be ministering or giving or some other thing we think God has told us to do.

I tell my wife to sit. She often won’t do it on her own so I make her stop because she needs it. She has school, volunteering, friends, etc. but I make her sit. She needs that time to her self to just be. Maybe people will be disappointed but what type of people are they and do they matter?

My sister-in-law takes nights for herself. On those nights my brother and I don’t hang out at their home because she is taking a night for herself. She calls it Krista time. I don’t resent her or value her any less for taking time for her self. If you need time your friends should understand and vice versa. Be the one to encourage your friends to cancel with you so they can reconnect with themselves, their spouses and God.

There He is again, God. In all the hustle and all the ‘good’ things we do do we miss God? Moreover in trying to do what He has asked you to do, do you miss the example He set? God rested on the seventh day and Jesus took time to rest. Jesus took time to rest when it seamed to everyone else there were more important things to do (like deal with a raging storm and a sinking ship). He had a lot he needed to do but He made the time.

I think to some extent we are placing an emphasis on to much else. We do it for all the right reasons but sometimes that’s still not good enough. How can you serve if you have not energy because you never take time to rest? How can you give if you have nothing left and don’t recharge? How can we think and pray if our minds never stop to rest in the awesome wonder that is the world God has given us? Take a walk and see God’s art and rest.

If Jesus had the time to rest what’s your excuse?


~ by Philip on November 7, 2008.

One Response to “Hurry up and wait”

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