speed of life

birdHaving just come back from vacation I’m still thinking a lot about resting or rather slowing down. Our lives move so fast I think we miss so much. How often in the speed of life to we miss God?

For our vacation my wife and I and some friends went on a cruise. We spent a day in the rain forest of Puerto Rico. It was amazing. Just walking through to forest and views we had from high up this mountain were unreal. But I think I missed God. I was so caught up in how much fun I was having and how cool it was to be there I didn’t slow down to see the wonder of God. I didn’t stop to see how marvelous his work is and moreover the great gift that the natural splendor of this world is.

Thinking back I can see his power, majesty and his love for us in the beauty I saw and I look at the pictures in a whole new light now. My father and I were sitting on our back deck one day many years ago and a vibrant red cardinal landed on a tree near us. As we looked at the woods behind our house he said to me “God’s quite the painter isn’t he?”

Where can you slow down to and see God’s glorious love and grace? As you walk to pick up the mail or in the people you pass while you walk to work? I promise you if you look you’ll find God in new ways and places you never expected. Then let me know where you see Him I’d love to hear.

*picture credit to my brother Andrew, taken in the rain forest*


~ by Philip on November 18, 2008.

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