a process

question-mark-3I asked why you do what you do yesterday. Jon Swanson wrote a similar piece called “so what” and I highly recommend it (along with all his writings he’s very good). If you read the post you’ll notice some discussion in the comments which is what I’d like to touch on today.

I asked why you do what you do yesterday and to that I’d then like to ask “so what?” It’s similar but still different. Take going to church. Why do you go to church? Because I think I should and it’s good for me. So what? So what does it being good for you help or matter?

What I’m hoping you’ll see here is the begging of a process to evaluate what you do. To look first inward then outward. You ask why you do what you do and it’s a personal question. You look at yourself and your motives’.

Then look at what you do and say so what? How does is help my community, how does this share God love, how does this show grace, so what does me doing this thing for these motives matter the kingdom of God? If you can answer those questions and be satisfied with the answer then there is no doubt that you are doing great work for God.

If your not satisfied that doesn’t mean what you doing is wrong but maybe how or why or maybe it means there are better things for you to do. It’s a place to start at least.


~ by Philip on November 20, 2008.

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