a man and his time

snowThere was a man who lived in a small town. He had everything, big house with more cars than he could drive to fill his garage, each worth more than his neighbours make in a year. To say he was blessed financially would be an understatement. He never wanted for anything.

Everyday his routine was fairly similar; he would get up, shower, change, get into his car and drive to his downtown office. He didn’t interact a lot with neighbours. See to get where he was he worked LONG hours. Early mornings until late at night. He gave fitfully his 10% to the church and more. He even paid for the vacation bible school program every summer but he didn’t feel fulfilled. He gave all this money and thought ‘so what?’ it wasn’t hard for him to give from something he had in abundance.

One snowy morning the man’s neighbour awoke and saw his drive way was shoveled, not plowed but shoveled and thought odd. The next morning the same thing and the next and the next. Finally the neighbour thought “I’m staying up to see what’s going on.” He waited and waited and waited. It was now close to midnight when he saw his rich neighbours come home, driving an SUV worth more than he makes in a year. Then as you know it happened.

The rich man got out of his SUV opened the trunk and pulled out a shovel. He then began to clear his neighbours drive way. The neighbour just watched as the man slaved away for more than an hour clearing the driveway. Finally he couldn’t take it and went out and asked “what are you doing?”

Surprised and stunned the man said “shoveling your drive way?”

“But why”

“I have a lot of money and I give even more away but that’s no sacrifice. I don’t however have time and for me to serve in way God has called me to I need to sacrifice. I want to serve the community and the world but I needed to start somewhere. I saw you so many mornings getting up to shovel and thought ‘how can I bless my neighbour, how to I serve my neighbour in a meaningful way?’ This is what I came up with. Service isn’t service without sacrifice”

*photo credit to bosela*


~ by Philip on November 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “a man and his time”

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Thanks Tom, I hope I can give you more worth reading.

  3. GREAT story!!

    May we do the same. I hope to wield that shovel at least once this winter – and carry that attitude beyond the driveway.

  4. Paul, thank you for your kind words and I hope to do the same.

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