walk with me?

path2I’ve been wrestling a lot with the largest of questions ‘why’? Why do I server, worship, go to church, rest, why, why, why?

Constantly asking why can be immensely frustrating and also very draining. Constantly evaluating and reevaluating but it needs to be done at some point.

All of this leads to ‘the question’, why did I chose to put my faith in God? As life gets harder and you face more and more crisis these questions start to come and you wonder why do I do it? Is God there and maybe more importantly does He really care?

If I struggle with this (and if I may you struggle with this) then the people we serve do to. The youth I serve most assuredly struggle with this. Embrace the questions and the journey to find answers.

If this is a walk you need to take why not take it with another?

Will you walk with me…

*photo credit poisondrop*


~ by Philip on November 25, 2008.

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