one question

If you had a moment alone with God and could ask Him any question knowing He would answer what would it be?

Think for a moment because this is harder than it seams.

Any question, about anything.

Don’t worry I’ll wait, seriously think about it and pick one.

Humor me and pick one.

Now think about the question you chose and what that question says about you?

Your choice is a statement of value. Did you ask how to solve world hunger? How about how to minister to your neighbour? Or did you ask a question about yourself?

I did when I first started to think about it. I wanted to know about something in my life. Then I thought ‘how much more good could my question do if it was about others?’

What you continue to take to God says a lot about how you view Him. So when you do talk to him (pray) what do you pray about because believe it or not we can ask Him any question. So what are you asking about?


~ by Philip on December 3, 2008.

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