I yelled

The event was going great. We had out lots of youth who were having fun and I was coming to the end of my small group where we were talking about how to practically love the unlovable by being patient, kind, and the rest of 1 Corinthians 13. Then I got interrupted, fluster and angry.

Another youth came by and started asking some honest unrelated questions. I asked him to lets us finish but he didn’t’ and more came and more until there was a small group.

I felt my entire chance to get across how to love was going to be lost (we were building to a point I was just about to make). So to get their attention and ask them to leave I yelled.

I don’t yell. It’s not something I do but for whatever reason at that moment I did. The irony of teaching people to be patient then yelling is not lost on me. I made a mistake, a big one.

You can work a long time and can make one mistake that takes you steps back. I lost the chance to live out what I was teaching that night.

We all miss chances and opportunities. Be encouraged that you’re not the only one and that God is big enough to fix them. I trust he will give me another chance to share this important message and I trust he will give you another chance too. Don’t beat yourself up over missed opportunities but learn and don’t miss the next one.


~ by Philip on December 8, 2008.

One Response to “I yelled”

  1. brilliant, honest, and so true

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