what if God was this close?

What if God was this close?

This past week my church held a week of prayer. 24 hours a day for 7 days there is someone in our church praying. My older brother, the youth pastor there, creates prayer stations. These are ways to pray that help to focus and perhaps think or interact with God in a different way.

One you sit and listen to a Kanye West song called ‘Street Lights’ and think about the words. I know a Kanye West song helping you pray? Only Andrew would see God in something like this but that’s why what he does is so great. The song is call Street Lights, and the words say ‘see I know my destination but I’m just not there’ and you think about your destination and your purpose. You think about how you are called to live in now and change lives today. You connect with God and think and pray about what it means to live now and how do we bring the Kingdom of God to earth now, today, this moment. Give it a try.

What was really cool about this week was the tangible feeling of God. You could feel God, his presence, spirit, as you walked into the sanctuary where Andrew and the youth of our church (the youth do this not the adults, which is makes it even cooler) set up 30-40 prayer stations.

I walked in there knowing God was close and all I had to do was be there and I’d connect with God. Then I started to think what if God was this close? What if it could always be like this?

The irony is that He is that close. He wants that close intimate relationship to always happen where we are connected walking hand and hand.

That means the question is not what if God is this close, but what am I going to do BECAUSE God is this close?


~ by Philip on January 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “what if God was this close?”

  1. thank you, philip. it’s a remembering that He is.

  2. It’s a lot easier said then done too. thanks Jon.

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