from your poverty

I was talking we a gentle man before a meeting yesterday. He was saying how his company has laid-off roughly 25% of its employees.

How do we react? What do we offer? How do we serve?

The reality of the economy means that there will and are people who are in need. How do we act? How do we give?

God has called us to be a generous people. That doesn’t end when it gets hard. I think there is a call to give from our poverty. Give when we think we don’t have anything more to give. Give whenever God calls us to even if we think we can’t.

And maybe it won’t be money. Maybe you have no time and God will call you give your time.

Maybe it will be your space. You may feel you have nothing to give until you are confronted by a person who needs a home and you have a spare room.

If we give from our poverty, what it will do, which is really cool, is speaks to the power of God and your faith. God will bless you for your obedience. He will take care of you. It might be hard and you might have to give up things you never thought you would but God will be there with you walking.

There are no easy answers here. A lost job is life changing occurrence. We need to be a people who rally around those who are down, who speak life and hope into them. And then with our actions be generous and give form our poverty.


~ by Philip on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “from your poverty”

  1. hmmm I’ve often thought about Jesus’ prayer and how – well we almost never mean it when we pray it. He says to pray to God to give us our daily bread. What a radical prayer – one which I try but am scared to pray. What if that’s all God gave us? Just our daily bread – just enough for that day and that moment.

    What if we prayed and acted on that and then gave away our surplus? What if we really took that prayer to heart? Imagine if our communities were places that gave like that – speaking life and hope into them through real and honest actions

  2. A bold challenge and an intriguing idea. I’d like to say that I will do it but I don’t know. Maybe even just being consciously generous every day is a good start.

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