Do you ever feel lost?

I know I do. Lost as to where your going or why? At times I feel like I have no direction or purpose but rather am just wandering for the sake of wondering.

But then I start to think. I think about the call God has placed on me and what he has told me about where He’s leading me. He’s has always directed me.

So why do I feel lost?

I think it’s not that I’m lost but that I’m impatient. I think everything should happen now rather than in God’s time. I think that He should tell me where I’m going to end up as opposed to telling me where I should be now. Saying I’m the right spot doesn’t answer where do I go. But if I needed to know where to go He would tell me.

See what I’m saying?

Perhaps you’re actually lost. Perhaps you haven’t been listening to God or moreover don’t know how. Then your map is prayer and scripture.

If you’re like me and feeling lost then your map is still prayer and scripture but maybe the map show you standing on a big black X even though you wish it didn’t.


~ by Philip on January 14, 2009.

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