take a break

I drink cofffee

I drink a lot of coffee.

I’m particular about my coffee. I like good coffee, it’s a treat to myself. I reward myself for good work or for finishing a project by getting a really good cup of coffee from one of the great coffee shops in the city that I work.

Do you reward yourself for the hard work that you do? Do you take care of yourself and say ‘good job’ when you do something well?

I think that far to often we think we can’t take time for ourselves and do things for ourselves because it would be selfish.

Jesus took the time He needed for himself. Raging storm and He took the time He needed and slept in the bottom of the boat.

Take time for yourself and reward yourself for the effort you put in. Don’t think it’s selfish for you to take a break.

If Jesus took time so can you. I promise He won’t be mad.


~ by Philip on January 19, 2009.

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