down again

I thought I was out of it.

I thought I was done.

I had meet with God and I felt I was on my way out of feeling dry. Literally the sun was shinning and I thought I was done.

But I’m not and I suspect I’m not the only one. I think I expect my walk to be to easy. I think it should be simple and fun and finding God should always be easy and natural and God should always be at my finger tips.

But then I push Him away. Then I forget to pray and study. Then I step back into what I know and blame Him for being here.

I’m in a dry place and some of it is my fault if not all of it. God tells me to read my bible and I say I will but I don’t. God tells me to pray and I say I will pray more but I don’t.

Sometimes we blame God and say it’s His fault that we don’t feel anything. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes he gives us a way out and we don’t take it.

So my question to you who are here with me ‘are you taking your way out?’ Or have you just settled in the comfortable dust and are hoping God will just pull you out?


~ by Philip on February 9, 2009.

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