lost time

I lose a lot of time. I’m basically an expert. I can lose time anywhere. Hours seam to slip away no matter where I am and not enough is ever done.

I claim often if I only had more time I’d be a better Christian. That’s not true at all. If I had more time I’d waste more time.

What I’m not naturally gifted at is being efficient. When I want to I am but I’m not the type who hates to waste time and as such is always efficient.

I control my time and blaming my lack of interaction with God on my lack of time is silly. It’s my time and i use it how i see fit and that often doesn’t mean a lot of time for God.

I hope to lose a lot less time and instead find that time with God, what about you?


~ by Philip on February 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “lost time”

  1. i think what we do with time is part of being a ‘better Christian’ or more Christ-like. In the process of focusing, of becoming more focused, more wise, we will end up becoming more like Christ.

  2. insightful as always Jon thank you.

  3. yes I agree – good thought Jon!

  4. Why devote time to God? Is that what’s important in life, *not* living life, but spending that time worshipping instead?

    I have a hard time understanding this concept. For me, what we do with the time we have is just as important, no matter how we spend it. We don’t even really “lose” time, we never *had* time to begin with.

    Living is living, no matter how you do it. To waste even *more* time having regrets about it makes no sense, does it?

  5. For me life is life unless it is lived. So unlike Martin I do think their is a distinction between existing and living. Living is not living no matter what happens. Many things are a-living or anti-life. I think there is a difference between simply being here – and experiencing things in a full way.

    Just because your breathing doesn’t mean your living.
    Just because your here doesn’t mean your have life.

    Life animates, creates, gifts, generates, and explodes creating peace, purpose, and grace wherever it is.

    I think Phil is asking – why do we if we have a chance to connect with that source – do we miss it for simple existence? Why don’t we delve deeper? Why are we content to simply be here and not have the source of life flow through us? So are you simply breathing or living?

  6. Always more articulate than I thanks apophasis. My point is that life lived to it’s fullest is in relation with God. Loving, giving, showing grace and mercy.

    So often I neglect to be other centered and waste my time when I could have been living I’m only existing.

    @ Martin, I’m not regretting how I spent my time but learning that i can have a better more fulfilled existence. That kind of revelation can only come through being retrospective. In a simple example which is a better use of time, watching TV because you have nothing else to do OR connecting with your partner? For me i chose to watch TV but i find so much more fulfillment when i get to express my love for my wife through conversation and attention.

    Same time but one is ok the other is great and i hope to spend more of my time in the great than the ok.

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