for the people

Youth live in a different world.

They see things, the world really, in a different way. They interact with the world and each other in different ways. And far to often they are seen as irresponsible, unintelligent and needing to grow up.

So what do we adults do? We create programs and activities and ‘things for them to do’ and ‘things they need to be better off later.’

How often do was ask them what they want or what they need?

If you run a ministry, for any age, and don’t ask the people you’re running the ministry for for their input then how do you expect it to be life changing and engaging?

I’m not saying all youth know what they need to grow up but they do know what they want to alleviate boredom or to help with their relational problems. As opposed to tell them they want to play basketball and to talk to someone they don’t know maybe we should ask them what they want and how they want it delivered.

If you really want to reach out to your community ask them. Ask them how they want you to reach out then do that. Simple but it will work.


~ by Philip on March 10, 2009.

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