hope and expectatoin

What is hope?

Do we have it or say it or act it out?

How can we prove our hope in God or do we need to? What are the actions of a hopeful person?

If my hope is in God how does that shape the way I live my life?

Do I drive without a seatbelt hoping he will keep me safe? Do I eat anything I want hoping he will keep me thin (which is not working at the moment) and healthy?

I think living in hope is hard. I think having hope is hard. It requires us to know better but still expect it to happen. It requires us to know that there is no reason it should happen but to live expectant that Gods word is good and his love is pure.

I don’t think living with hope in God means we abdicate our responsibility or our personal care but that we can expect the impossible and live in that expectation. I expect my father to be healed and so I make plans for the future with him and live with hope and expectation that he will be there. He might not and all reason says he shouldn’t but that doesn’t stop me from acting as if he will until I’m told other wise.

How do you live by hope and expectation?


~ by Philip on March 26, 2009.

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