proof of God?

We say things like ‘God if you’re there tell me’ or ‘God if you really love me you’ll heal my friend.’

I was thinking about how we interact with God and the way in which we believe. So often people say that if God would only do something miraculous in their life then they would believe. Seams simple enough, God do something miraculous and you’ll have all the believers you’ll ever want.

But maybe we are going about it the wrong way. It seams to me that we set up some criteria and then say ‘God meet this.’ As if for some reason we are in a position to tell God what to do and how to do it. We tell God what He needs to do.

Strange considering God was here before us and is ultimately in charge. That would be like going to your boss and saying ‘I need you to tell me what to do in written format only or I won’t ever do it. And if you don’t do it like that, then it’s your fault and that’s why things aren’t getting done.’

We place our inequities on God and say it’s his fault.

God wants a relationship. Relationships are lived, they are felt they are emotional. You can’t quantify and measure them but they are experienced. God set out the criteria to meet Him. Be real and honest. Try, open your self up and honestly search for Him and you’ll find Him, you will experience Him.

Maybe this isn’t shattering to you but it was to me as I thought of it. We don’t get to pick the criteria for God to prove himself and if we chose to not believe God chosen criteria that’s on us and not Him, omnipotent as He is.


~ by Philip on March 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “proof of God?”

  1. When God is silent, move to a thin place. When prayer is stale and seems rote and weak, uncharged with that cosmic-mystical quality that is beyond our power to bring forth … what’s a soul to do?

  2. Mother Theresa said when our soul is dry – that we need to dig a deeper well in our hearts.

  3. perhaps we are dry as a tool for God to refocus us and make our relationship with Him more intentional. Less about how we feel and more about who we are.

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